Placing the Organizer in Word

Placing the Organizer in Word

Dealing with the Association of Technical Norms may not be the easiest task in the world when it comes to academic work, but it certainly is not the hardest, just take proper attention and follow small techniques. So, putting your organizer in Word will be a very easy task.

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And what would this organizer be? When some book one or more authors has an indication of responsibility for the whole of the work, you must refer to it as such. See what the text of the standard NBR 6023 says in item – When there is an explicit indication of responsibility for the whole of the work, in collections of several authors, the entry must be made by the name of the person responsible, followed by the abbreviation, in the singular, of the type of participation (organizer, compiler, editor, coordinator etc.), in parentheses.


  • FERREIRA, Léslie Piccolotto (Org.). The speech therapist and the school. São Paulo: Summus, 1991.
  • MARCONDES, E .; LIMA, I. N. de (Coord.). Diets in clinical pediatrics. 4. ed. San Diego: Sarvier, 1993.
  • MOORE, W. (Ed.). Constructivism of the educational movement: solutions. Cordoba, AR .: [s.n.], 1960.

If you do not enter this type of information and it is actually part of a certain item, everything that you have correctly entered will be invalidated for missing a component. Remembering that wrong reference can be considered as plagiarism.

So if you plan to do well on how to put the organizer in Word, check out below the best way to do this.

How to put the organizer in Word in the most practical way

The best way to put your organizer in Word may not be the one you were expecting. This is because, if several actions on bibliographic references are easily made automatically. In that case, this is not the case.

That’s because, there is no way to sort out how to put the organizer in Word, you need to do this manually.

However, the good news is that you can very well enter all the other information in the bibliography automatically. Just go to the References tab and then Manage Bibliographic Sources.

In this way, several fields will be displayed to be filled in according to the type of document that the reference in question is.

After inserting all the content that is being requested, it is time to insert the bibliography in question.

Just click on the same tab and then select the bibliography field and then go to insert it. That way, everything you have previously placed in the document in the way previously presented will be properly placed in order and in the correct way that it should be a bibliography.

With this procedure properly done, to continue on how to place the organizer in Word, it is necessary to find among all the inserted items which is the one that must have an organizer.

With this, it is necessary to analyze which are the authors of the publication that should receive this, and among them which is the organizer. This is because, it will be inserted immediately after the name of the organizer to an acronym that identifies it as such.


The acronym to be inserted is the Org., And it is extremely necessary that it be placed in parentheses and only with the first capital letter, as indicated above. Moreover, it is important not to forget the final point, since it is he who identifies that the word would continue and that in fact this is only an acronym.

Unfortunately, if you have more than one option that has an organizer, you will have to repeat this insertion procedure one at a time and manually. So if they are ten like this, they will all go through it.