How to Refer a Magazine Article?

How to Refer a Magazine Article?

Many people have a great dread of doing academic work according to the Technical Standards Association, but if you are part of this group of people, know that this is a lot easier than you think. So if you ask yourself How to Refer a Magazine Article, you will know about it now.

How to reference in Word an article that is inside a magazine is an action that can be done in two different ways.

The first is in a more manual way, where each time you quote the same reference, you will need to re-enter the required data.

Already through the second way, all you have to do is fill in some data once, and then just select what you need.

How to Automatically Refer a Magazine Article

As you saw earlier that there are two ways to reference a magazine article, we will explain the second one, which is much more practical and automatic.

The first step is to access the References tab, it is in it that you will find all the necessary actions on citation and even to properly elaborate the bibliography.

In it, it is important to access the Manage Bibliographic Sources item, and then click New. It is through this click that you can put all the information about the article in question.

That way, you will select which type of bibliographic source you are working with, since the purpose is to Reference a Journal Article, you need to select the section called Magazine Article.

Then, it is necessary to fill in all the points about the article, including the name and surname of its author. It is important that in case the text contains more than one author, you put all, because in this way you will correctly specify what it is.

The next step is to put the title of the article in question, and after, it is important to fill in the name of the magazine.

With these actions done correctly, it’s time to fill in some more data about the journal, which are essential to completely completely specify where the quote you are addressing came from. So fill in with the city where the magazine is produced, the year in which the version containing your article was made, and even the volume of it.

In addition, if you want something much more specific and correct, you can put the page where the article is located in the magazine, and even the month in which it was circulated.

Having done this once at least, how referencing a magazine article happens to become an extremely easy quest, just select the one you just put in to insert quote and you’re done. In addition, to do the bibliography, it is only by clicking on the same tab, without problems.