How to Cite Translated Books?

How to Cite Translated Books?

When you begin your academic work, be it a monograph, a thesis, or a dissertation, it is very likely that you will need to cite translated books to assist you in sustaining the argument you are developing in your work. But how to quote books translated in your work, without having any problem of plagiarism or any authorial problem?

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How to quote translated books?

As an example, in the book Principles of corporate finance (2013) we present the concept that investment decisions are planned by the capital budget because they have meetings that prepare the annual budget for projects that have been approved for investments. (BREALEY, MYERS and ALLEN, 2013, page 2)

In the above quotation we have the example of how to avoid plagiarism by citing translated books to paraphrase the argument presented by the authors of the book. Paraphrasing is one of the accepted methods to support the argument of your thesis without there being any authorial problem, even if it depends on the argument being expressed by your words.

Another example that can help support your argument is the direct quote, where you will transcribe the passage you intend to use to support your thesis. In this case the transcription is placed inside quotation marks and if it has quotation marks within the sentence, these should be represented by single quotation marks.

According to the book Principles of Corporate Finance (2013) market value “came from the development of the company’s products, from its brand, from the mirrored customer base world-wide, from the research and development department, and from its ability to make its future investments “(BREALEY, MYERS and ALLEN, 2013, p.4)

Registering the data

But to do all these citations of translated books it is necessary that all bibliographic data be added, such as the authors’ names, the publisher, the year of publication, the translator of the book, and in some cases even the city.

So for book citing you need to go to the References tab of Word. There you will find the space of citations and bibliography that will allow you to add the bibliographic data.

Selecting the book style, you will place the names of the authors following the order of surname, name and middle name. In addition, it also placed the name of the publisher, the edition of the book and the year of publication.

For the name of the translator it will be necessary that you open the tab to show all the bibliographic fields. In the translator tab you will put the name of the same, following the order of surname, name and second name.

In addition to following these guidelines it is recommended that you install NBR 6023 so that all your citations and bibliographical references comply with this standard, since it is the one that governs the method of doing quotations in academic works and in case you do not follow it exists possibility of having his thesis denied.

How to Cite Translated Books?